2nd place in Binance EU incubator, now what?

3 min readDec 16, 2022

Learn more about Blockless’ participation in the BNB Chain EU incubator and our future plan to BUIDL with the BNB ecosystem.

First, we are thrilled to share that Blockless has been selected as the 2nd place winner in the BNB Chain European Innovation Incubator out of the 520 total applicants to extend the scalability and performance of the BNB ecosystem.

The incubation program provided the opportunity for the Blockless team to work closely with mentors from the BNB Chain ecosystem team, Binance Research, Trust Wallet, and other industry leaders. Through the rapid and extended interactions, we were able to delve into product design and growth strategies and have impactful discussions about the future of Web3. We believe through the incubation program, it sets the path for the Blockless protocol for its next 10x growth along with the BNB ecosystem.

The BNB Chain team is supporting Blockless through a strategic grant and connecting the team with internal and external resources to help us advance on the Web3 frontier and adoption.

So now, what does Blockless have to offer the BNB ecosystem and how exactly will the two work together going forward?

Verifiable Off-Chain Services Made Easy

Blockchain scaling has been a persistent challenge in the industry. While zkBNB brings verifiable state transitions for on-chain smart contracts, Blockless ZK provides mathematically proven security to off-chain functions and beyond, helping developers to build SocialFi, GameFi, and data analytics platforms through Blockless’ innovative decentralized execution network.

Being one of the key service components, Blockless ZK, a Prover-as-a-Service platform, builds on top of our two core technologies — Blockless protocol, a decentralized execution layer, and zkWASM, a zk-SNARK backed virtual machine that emulates the execution of WASM bytecode and generates proofs of execution. Developers like you can easily deploy any code written in Rust, Go, JS, and more, and a zk-SNARK proof will automatically be generated along with your code execution. Subsequently, the execution’s ZK proof will be uploaded to BNB Chain for verification.

Together with BNB Chain’s advancement on security and scaling, Blockless’s mission is to onboard the next million developers who have previously been troubled by concerns that building on-chain could affect user experience to build truly decentralized, production-level applications.

Going Forward: Zero Knowledge, Zero Effort.

As we work hard during the incubation to significantly reduce the domain expertise and cost associated to building zero-knowledge enabled decentralized applications, we will first launch a testing platform in early 2023 to gather user feedback and perfect the product. This testing platform will allow the developers to input any small-scale functions, and the Blockless execution network will automatically generate zk-SNARK proof of which can be verified on the BNB Chain. The official Blockless ZK service will launch after we conclude the test release and be open to the BNB ecosystem BUILDers.

About Blockless

Blockless is a WASM-based, customizable execution layer that powers verifiable serverless applications.

As a permissionless network, Blockless allows network participants to contribute with a variety of hardware resources. Developers can build on Blockless with unparalleled scale, reliability, and security.

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