Blockless 2023 — unblocking an interconnected world

4 min readJan 2, 2023


The Blockless Way, to the World.

In 2022 we laid the foundation for the Blockless protocol to become the Uber of compute resources, on top of which developers can enjoy an intuitive deployment experience for serverless functions as well as full-scale applications with unmatched stability and pricing.

As the Web3 industry looks to onboard millions of users, it means the products we builders introduce must be providing material value to millions of people. Here at Blockless, the line between Web3 and Web2 blurs as we are simply looking to create the greatest impact with the technology we have and to make people’s lives better.

One advantage of using Web3 technology to be open and decentralized is that Blockless can go beyond what current “multi-cloud solutions” can offer. Traditionally, companies opt for multi-cloud strategies for cheaper prices and better performance. Blockless can not only aggregate cloud resources from the likes of AWS and Google Cloud, but also personal devices such as PC, Mac, or even Androids that no current solution provider can efficiently utilize.

This innate characteristic of Blockless will enable more performant and economic services as the platform matures. This is an important step in making a more interconnected and efficient world.

The grand vision of unlocking all compute resources on earth aside, Blockless is also a step departing from containerized compute platforms into WASM, the new paradigm for building applications. It offers a few major and practical improvements for developers:

1. Your components in various languages can seamlessly work together. Building a modern application often requires many components to interact with each other, and WASM greatly simplifies the process for developers as all code will be compiled into the universal WASI binaries for execution.

2. Your deployment is ultra-secure. The Blockless WASM runtime is a secure sandbox that segregates the execution from the wider host machine environments. The host has no knowledge of what’s being executed, and the program (if malicious) has no way to do any harm.

3. Your code works across various OS and CPU architectures. “Write once, run anywhere”, now truly. You no longer have to worry about optimizing your code for each individual operating system or CPU architecture.

4. Your executions are lightning-fast. With all the benefits above, your program is still executed at a speed on par with native machine code. The WASM runtime also has a much lower boot-up time compared to virtual machines and containers. Wait milliseconds, instead of tens of seconds or even a few minutes.

The Blockless Way, to Web3.

We believe in a future of low friction and high automation, and in many contexts, it implies the mechanisms of economies being “trustless” — where the human factors get replaced with machines and code that are in various ways trust-worthy. As this vision merges with the ideals of Web3, Blockless, and our partners are offering end-to-end solutions for Web3 products on top of the Blockless protocol.

Blockless is positioning itself, within the ecosystem of Web3, as a platform packed with reusable “off-chain” capabilities for developers to easily bootstrap trustless and decentralized applications and services.

For instance, in 2023, we will introduce Blockless ZK, enabling zk-SNARK-powered verifiable execution with zero effort required from the developer. This is a joint effort with Delphinus Labs to allow developers to create fully trustless and verifiable services with ease, and to create fully functional and adoption-ready applications without compromising the integrity of blockchains.

We look to offer what we’ve got to accelerate the growth of Web3, help individual blockchain ecosystems create useful applications, make “doing things the right way” no longer so difficult, and eventually break the barriers between Web2 and Web3.

Though we are still early, in 2022 Blockless has been recognized as the 2nd-place winner at the BNB Chain Innovation Incubator out of the 520 projects that participated. We’ve presented Blockless Site, which offers the ability for DAO contracts to directly manage a dynamic webpage, on the ETH SF and received a grant.

Here comes 2023.

With so much going on in this ever-so-turbulent reality, Blockless stands to provide value to both the emerging Web3 ecosystem and the broader developer community. We stand to build an interconnected world with automation and convenience.

2023 means a lot to us. Each month we will continue to push out updates on our growth. Here are 4 key milestones you can expect during the first 2 quarters of the year:

  1. Release of more language SDKs for building serverless WASM functions. Currently, the Blockless CLI supports Assembly Script, and we look to support C, C++, Rust, and Go in the coming months.
  2. Release of Blockless Run, our node software. As more technical contributors might set up servers to support the platform, moms & pups will be able to contribute compute resources with the Blockless Run Chrome plugin while using their devices like normal.
  3. Release of Blockless App Engine, an x86 emulator that allows full-scale applications to run within our WASM runtime.
  4. Release of Blockless ZK, enabling fully verifiable serverless functions on Blockless.

In the latter half of the year, we look to conclude our Public Beta and launch Mainnet. In the process of which, we will also push out more detailed developer documentation, architectural papers, and tokenomic designs.

We wish to thank everyone for being with us. Though we’ve explored many unexplored territories in the past year and have made good progress, none of this will be possible without your continued support. For everyone reading this article, the Blockless journey has just started. Together, we unblock the barrier between machines and utility.