Blockless < > Delphinus Lab: zkWASM Exclusive Partnership

2 min readNov 9, 2022

Blockless and Delphinus Lab are joining to create Blockless ZK, a zkWASM Prover as a Service solution product.

We are thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with Delphinus Lab, the team behind zkWASM: a virtual machine that executes WASM files and provides a zk-SNARK proof of correct execution.

Both teams believe in WASM as a general execution framework and ZKP as a fundamental pillar for a performant yet trustless web. We thus are excited to together build out Blockless ZK, a zkWASM Prover as a Service (PaaS) solution product.

With Blockless ZK, developers can now create zk-powered services and applications in their favorite languages just as they normally would via Blockless Functions. The functions will be precompiled into WASI binary bundles and executed by nodes within the Blockless network. When the nodes are executing the WASM files, a zk-SNARK proof of the execution will be generated and uploaded to any DA layer for public verification.

With this collaboration, Blockless will become the exclusive PaaS provider using Delphinus Lab’s generic zkWASM runtime. The teams will also work together to publish specialized circuits via the Blockless Marketplace. Blockless will donate a portion of the revenue from Blockless ZK to Delphinus Lab going forward to promote future research and educational initiatives.

About Delphinus Lab

Delphinus Lab is an Australian research and development team focusing on zk-SNARK technologies. Delphinus is the creator of the zkWASM repository.

Github | Website | zkWASM

About Blockless

Blockless is a WASM-based, customizable execution layer that powers decentralized serverless applications.

As a permissionless network, Blockless allows network participants to contribute with a variety of hardware resources, ranging from Android devices to high-performance servers. Developers can build on Blockless with unparalleled scale, reliability, and security.

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