Blockless < > KNN3 Network: Official Strategic Partnership

1 min readJul 29, 2022

KNN3’s Verifiable Dynamic Credential Service will run on a Blockless-based decentralized node network.

We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with KNN3 Network!

KNN3 Network is a multi-chain Web3 relationship aggregator. It provides graph solutions for web3 multiverse relational aggregation to empower Social dApp and AI analytics.

Blockless will provide Verifiable Dynamic Credential Service (VDCS) to KNN3 Network, further strengthening the utilization of trustless data in KNN3.

The validity of VDCS is derived from the scoring and real-time tracking of on-chain behavior via a customized decentralized node network on Blockless. The partnership between Blockless and KNN3 Network is a step toward making a decentralized future.

About KNN3 Network

KNN3 Network is a multi-chain relationship aggregator empowering Web3 social discovery & user-enabling. KNN3 provides graph solutions for Web3 multiverse relational aggregation to empower Social dApps and AI analytics. The project aims to become a community-driven data curation protocol to enable on-chain data collaboration.

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About Blockless

Blockless is the first customizable execution layer for Web3, providing dynamic decentralized node networks for developers.

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