Blockless <> Metopia: Official Strategic Partnership

2 min readFeb 6


Metopia and Blockless will integrate each other’s services and together push out DAO-related educational content in 2023.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Metopia!

Metopia is a Web3 NFT Identity and DAO Governance Infrastructure. As Blockless continues to leverage the WASM serverless platform to create off-chain verifiable micro-services that empower BUIDLers, the teams are collaborating on the following items to grow together:

  1. Metopia will use Blockless Oracle to fetch and process on-chain and off-chain data in a verifiable manner.
  2. Blockless will join forces with Metopia to create NFT badges for its community.
  3. Metopia and Blockless will introduce decentralization and DAO-related educational material to help onboard the next wave of BUIDLers.

About Metopia

Metopia offers a non-transferable badge protocol that enables Web3 communities to create & issue SBTs as members’ contribution ledger. Since the non-financialized contribution info is embedded in the badge’s metadata, Metopia provides contribution-weighted equity into community governance and encourages incentivization in a more Web3 native way.

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About Blockless

Blockless is a distributed and verifiable execution platform that makes your dApp building easier than ever. With a suite of zk-empowered off-chain tooling, Blockless leads teams to success as they no longer have to spend time on learning, building, and maintaining off-chain modules, and can just focus on on-chain development.

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