Blockless Private Alpha Explained

The first step towards a decentralized off-chain future

Building complex functions and services in a decentralized manner usually requires decentralized node clusters built in parallel to various layer-1s. We see this throughout price feed oracle, indexer, P2P messaging, layer-2 solutions and many more.

However, the cost of maintaining such infrastructure individually and continuously severely hinders the growth of a decentralized off-chain ecosystem. In fact, many Web3 applications opt for centralized backend solutions to avoid the complexity that comes with maintaining decentralized node networks. Blockless is here to solve this problem.

Here we briefly illustrate how the upcoming private alpha of Blockless will function. For an overview of what Blockless aims to achieve, see our previous articles here.

How projects can utilize the private alpha:

For the private alpha, here are the steps involved for a project to run its off-chain module on Blockless in a decentralized way:

  1. Create your desired function/application in local production environment via CLI (Command Line Interface). Currently we support Golang, Rust and Assembly Script.
  2. You can use Blockless’ CLI tools to compile functions, dependencies, and manifest files (define cpu & memory limits and node count) into WASI executables.
  3. The WASI executable will be uploaded to IPFS.
  4. You will get a service fee estimation and will need to make a deposit to a vault on Ethereum.
  5. Your functions will start running once the deposit is received.

The private alpha will be open to our initial co-build partners. Project names to be announced. Although the private alpha has a payment structure ready, for early partners we make fees fairly low.

Where are the nodes coming from in private alpha:

The initial resource provision nodes in the Blockless private alpha are maintained by the team, our early backers, and a few institutional node providers.

In later private iterations of Blockless, we will gradually open up the system and invite core community members to join the node network and help us improve the product.

What’s next?

Whether you’re new to Blockless or have been with us since day one, thank you for being here. We’re excited to continue building a decentralized off-chain ecosystem with you.

Want to participate in our private alpha as a project? Have other ideas for Blockless? We want you to be a part of the community and would love to collaborate!

Blockless: execute off-chain, decentralized everywhere.

Join us here: Website, Twitter, Telegram, Discord.



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