Blockless Progress Update — June 12th, 2023

4 min readJun 13, 2023

Discover how Blockless is transforming the world of dApp development with its global edge network and cutting-edge developer tools.

Here is a quick recap of the major events from the past month:

  • Blockless Sites became live to the public
  • Announcement of Blockless Initial Node Offering
  • Announcement of collaboration plan with EigenLayer
  • Delivered Keynote at Open Source North on our innovation in trustless and dynamic compute orchestration

Blockless Sites is now live

We’ve just launched Blockless Sites, a new service aimed to help developers and projects to leverage community-owned, non-custodial web hosting. The release is part of our ongoing commitment to creating a future where all applications are politically independent and democratically managed, aligning with the principles of Web3​​.

Blockless Sites comes as a solution to the major issues associated with centralized web hosting. It addresses concerns such as censorship and unwanted liability for the builder, and the feeling of being left out and neglected by communities during key decisions that impact the user experience of a project.

The benefits of Blockless Sites are multi-fold. It offers non-custodial hosting, enhancing censorship resistance. It also provides DAO contract-based site ownership, ensuring community ownership and management. Plus, it supports popular web development frameworks such as Next.js and React, making it flexible for developers​​.

The current release allows the hosting of a site with static files in under 10 minutes using the Blockless CLI. While not all features are currently available, you can expect custom routing, dynamic content (with server-side rendering and on-chain interactions), and a site management interface for DAO members in the coming months​.

Learn how to use Blockless Sites with our latest documentation

Further enhancing the user experience, video tutorials are being developed by team members and will be released soon. Current documentation for Blockless Sites can be found here.

Announcement of Initial Node Offering

The existing landscape of Web3 has been defined by an unsaid compromise that has unfortunately strayed away from the founding principles of decentralization and inclusivity. Power has become concentrated in the hands of the few, while community members, the true heart and soul of any project, have found themselves on the sidelines.

Blockless has been actively questioning this dynamic. Our objective is to disrupt the current ecosystem and reset the power balance. With the introduction of the Blockless Initial Node Offering, we are extending ownership of key project infrastructure to the very community members who are pivotal to the project’s growth and evolution.

Our initial node offering allows community members to take charge of critical infrastructure. This means you will be able to run both frontend and backend operations of a project securely on your devices, leveraging the Blockless Protocol. With WASM serverless functions and the ability to operate any x86 architecture program, we are empowering you to shape the future of our project within a secure, sandboxed environment.

Beyond the technological aspects, the Blockless Initial Node Offering stands to champion a fairer token distribution system. By aligning with projects that are committed to equitable token distribution, we aim to recalibrate the balance within the Web3 space.

The benefits of adopting the Blockless Initial Node Offering extend far beyond creating a robust and engaged community. It’s about equipping projects with a resilient global infrastructure that can withstand regulatory uncertainties, and that is verifiable by default. We believe it’s a crucial stride towards nurturing a healthier, truly decentralized Web3 environment.

Announcement of collaboration plan with EigenLayer

As we continue to perfect the security parameters for future Blockless Node operators and work towards public network launch, a collaboration between Blockless and Eigenlayer becomes increasingly valuable for both parties.

EigenLayer is an ETH restaking platform, which allows ETH holders and stakers to leverage this capital and help secure decentralized off-chain service networks, or AVSs (Actively Validated Services).

This collaboration plan offers 2 benefits:

  1. Blockless to tap into the idle compute resources of ETH node operators and other professional node operator communities within the EigenLayer ecosystem.
  2. The secure runtime environment of Blockless can be leveraged to benefit EigenLayer stakers as it prevents unintended slashing and protects operators from unexpected resource use overload.

If you are interested in how we achieve this, check out our forum post below!

Delivered Keynote Speech at Open Source North

Open Source North is an annual gathering featuring the latest progress in the open source community as well as the software development landscape in general.

This conference features industry giants such as IBM, Riot Games, and AWS, but also newer players such as Vercel.

Blockless is honored to be the only Web3 company selected to present our latest work on Blockless Protocol, an edge-native framework for trustless compute orchestration and secure execution.

In his keynote, our CTO Derek Anderson introduces the philosophy and empowering potential of the web3 movement and elucidates on key infrastructure components such as IPFS, WASM, and the Content Addressable Archive (CAR).

He also gives a comprehensive overview of Blockless — the Platform as a Service (PaaS) built around this protocol. Derek delves into the mechanisms of Blockless’s advanced machine ranking, selection, and work distribution, providing a detailed understanding of how the protocol operates in community-driven, real-world conditions.

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