Blockless Progress Update — November 2022

5 min readDec 14, 2022


Learn more about how Blockless is building a customizable execution platform to make Web3 mainstream.

Just in case you are not familiar with Blockless, check out our website, Twitter, and previous updates first!

Now let’s discuss our accomplishments in November 2022.


For the month of November, we focused on providing stability to our execution layer platform. This included:

  1. New Dashboard UI: Focussed on a cleaner and more user-friendly experience.

2. New extension system: We’ve revamped how the extension system interacts with the runtime itself, providing native CGI support as well as WASM extension support. This way, developers can easily launch new extensions that add to the ability set for the Blockless runtime environment.

One of the key features of WASI is its extensibility. The interface is designed to be modular, allowing new APIs to be added over time. This means that WASI can evolve to support new features and capabilities without breaking compatibility with existing programs. For example, an extension might provide access to new hardware features, such as sensors or cameras, or add support for new data formats or network protocols. Developers can use these extensions to build more powerful and sophisticated applications without being limited by the capabilities of the base WASI interface.

3. New CLI version: We announced the release of CLI version 0.0.36! This version includes several new features and improvements, including:

- Improved help content for all commands: Users can now use the -v flag after any subcommand to learn more about what the CLI has to offer.

- Snappier and faster user experience: We have significantly improved the CLI's performance, making it faster and more responsive.

- Easy boilerplate template and project management: The CLI now includes support for creating and managing boilerplate templates, as well as building, deploying, and undeploying functions.

- Local environment support: CLI now supports local environments, allowing users to easily instantiate one orchestrator and one worker for local development and testing.


  1. CLI Release Candidate 1 is finalized and going through testing for Great Availability Release. This big milestone comes with full support for Assembly Script, with some great starter templates.

2. Runtime Development on our x86 Emulator is nearing the final. We’re testing the image loading and running. We’ll soon begin to prep integration into our Node Runners.

3. We’ve upgraded our Akash Provider to the 0.18 MainNet 4 release, which is fully compatible and ready for IP Leasing to our WASM Assemblies.

4. Custom CGI Assemblies hit the blockless network + Pluggable Extension System to extend the Blockless Network!


1. We published an article titled ‘zkWASM will change the way you build’. The article highlighted that the vision for Blockless is to create a future where developers can easily build and ship zk-empowered dApps on a decentralized global network.

2. We hosted a Twitter Space session with KNN3 and Web3MQ to discuss Social Dapps of the future. Around 450 people tuned in.

3. We hosted a Twitter Space session on the State of the market. More than 400 people tuned in.

4. We discussed the Infra perspective of onboarding Web3 users in a Twitter Space discussion with Chainbase, Talentale andCollegeDAO. More than 600 people tuned in.

5. We hosted a Twitter Space session on Marketing & Go-to-Market. More than 300 people tuned in.

Business Development:

1. Our Derek made a presentation to the IPFS community and the Compute Over Data working group.

2. We presented at the Celo Demo Day and powered their ReFi ecosystem with 1st party oracle solution.

3. We joined NiftyConnect as a strategic partner to support decentralized and dynamic web hosting of NiftyConnect’s frontend. On the other hand, NiftyConnect will facilitate our product adoption in the NFT sector.

4. We partnered with Delphinus Lab to create Blockless ZK, a zkWASM Prover as a Service solution product. With Blockless ZK, developers can now create zk-powered services and applications in their favorite languages just as they normally would via Blockless Functions.


As our products evolve, so does our company’s headcount. We plan on hiring for several roles and expanding the Blockless ecosystem at a much faster rate.

We are also hiring for several key positions:

  • Applied Research Mathematician
  • Developer Relations Manager
  • Distributed Systems Engineer
  • Front End Engineer
  • Full Stack Engineer
  • Runtime Systems Engineer
  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • Product Manager, Cloud Computing Services
  • Product Designer

To become a part of our team, find more details here.

Want to get the latest updates on our roadmap? Have other ideas for Blockless? We want you to be a part of the community and would love to collaborate!

About Blockless

Blockless is a WASM-based, customizable execution layer that powers decentralized serverless applications.

As a permissionless network, Blockless allows network participants to contribute with a variety of hardware resources, ranging from Android devices to high-performance servers. Developers can build on Blockless with unparalleled scale, reliability, and security.

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